Publishing Bad Granny by Lynfa Moses

Holding the published novel

I seem to specialise in writing with dark humour about older people. (my previous novel Demented Love, dealt with Alzheimer’s and bondage!) This one features sex on top of Kinder and a breast- feeding grandmother.  

Bad Granny is my second novel and features sexy artist, Olivia, who is looking after her five year old granddaughter, Winnie, when there’s a tragic accident. Olivia’s daughter, Fay, blames her mother and Olivia is no longer allowed to see Winnie.

Friends of mine told me that they had been refused contact with their grandchildren and after some research I found that grannies have no rights. Having grand-children myself, I know how tough that must be.  Olivia is not based on me or my friends – but I’m sure some people will see aspects of themselves or me in some of my characters.

The book deals with tragic themes and I was given generous help by members of the Burns Club, based at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, who told me of the trauma they and their children had suffered after accidental burns or scalds. The action is set mainly in Sheffield, around the Hunter’s Bar area, though the main character is not enamoured with the city, at least not until she acquires a lover here!

Sheffield Novelists Group helped me so much with their constructive criticism and everyone who is trying to write should join a group like this for support and inspiration.

Bad Granny can be obtained from Amazon, Mirador Press or the Book Depository and is available as an ebook or in paperback.

Bad Granny: A little girl scarred for life. A neglectful granny. A family rift.: Moses, Lynfa: 9781913833350: Books

The cover of Bad Granny

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